Avoiding Facebook Jail

As promised and following on from my previous blog “Business networking, the do’s and don’ts for success”. I’m kicking off the spin offs with, avoiding the trauma and the plain old hassle of facebook jail.

As I’ve managed to avoid this trauma I’d like to pass on a couple of pointers, to help you avoid this too….



Networking is a difficult balance, how much is enough? and how much is too much?  By following some simple guidelines, you can avoid getting yourself into hot water, with the facebook police.

  • Limit your time between posts.
  • Don’t post the same content over and over
  • Don’t spam

Try and leave a minute or 2 between posting and don’t regularly exceed posting, 3 times in 5 minutes. This is because facebook will mark your page up as producing spam, you’re far less likely to be noticed if you keep to these rules.

Posting the same link over and over on a multitude of sites, is a massive red flag, that will get you a ban in a flash. Try and keep your content original, post the same link by all means, just pace yourself leaving a minute or 2 between posts.

Also worth noting in this section, when you’re networking, leave your link on the original networking post, sending pages a message saying you’ve liked them with your link, will likely get you marked as spam. Personally for me this is my pet hate, the inbox for a page should be for business only, not direct marketing. If you are networking effectively people will find your page and as I said in my last blog, no one want’s the pushy sales person.

“You are connecting with people, not collecting them”

Never ever ever use a business name for a personal profile. Facebook allows you to have multiple business pages, but only one personal account, make sure to keep them separate, facebook won’t hesitate to remove your profile on a  PERMANENT basis if you break this one.

Here are a few more flags to avoid.

  • Don’t send friend requests to people you aren’t connected to.
  • Don’t try and message your entire following, with your latest deals/giveaways
  • Do watch out for any unnecessary comments on all social media sites, you can delete, report and block, if you feel the comments are unjustified or that sabotage is at play.

It can be a minefield staying within the rules, but once you’ve mastered these tips, you’re well on your way to hassle free networking.

If you have any questions, please feel free to jot them down in the comments. We hope that this mini blog has been helpful.





Business networking, the do’s and don’ts for success.

My likes are going up but I don’t have any sales, my reach is low, nobody is really responding to my posts, it feels dejecting and all my hard work isn’t getting results. Sound familiar? You’re not the only one, but it doesn’t have to be this way, I’m on my second main business page and I’ve applied all of the marketing strategies and techniques that are outlined in this article, with great success, I want to share this information with you, because I have a genuine desire to see people succeed, and I’ve done it! Practice what you preach, as they say.


As someone who suffers from social anxiety, I prefer to be behind a computer screen, this means that my page needs to absorb my personality, which is no mean feat and it takes time, you have the added challenge of turning a page into a place where people want to visit, to give it character and to put your own personality on it, whilst making money.

The key to running a successful online business is to network, because if you don’t get your product out there, nobody else is going to do it for you. Start by finding the pages that are suitable for your needs, there are plenty of pages where you can use their wall, to advertise your wares, start using them as they are a useful tool and this is what they were designed for. Look at the example below, imagine if you could do this on 2 or 3 networking pages and now tell me that networking doesn’t work.

2 posts on 1 wall, 2 – 3 times a day, 7 days a week = 28 posts minimum

Now that I’ve broken it down, you’re probably stumped on how much time this will take, but let me tell you, networking is about being smart with your time, once you’ve mastered this, you’re well on your way to building a solid fan base and making your life not only easier but more balanced too. As your fans are your foundation, this is a really important place to focus your attentions. 2 posts 2-3  times a day, this may sound time consuming, it isn’t. Open a word document, copy and paste the links of your page that you want to share that week, then write a little blurb about it, then save it and copy and paste them one by one. If you can’t get to a computer due to other commitments, like a day job or kids, you’ll still have breaks, e-mail yourself the document, save it in a folder within your e-mails and copy and paste the link and blurb to your chosen networking pages, heck this can be done in the loo, it’s just that nobody needs to know this, I use my time in queues to catch up with networking. Also worth a mention, is your local facebook selling sites, I post at around 9pm most evenings, this gets you seen locally and locally is where you want your craft fairs and supporting businesses.


How many pages have you genuinely liked and then lost in your newsfeed? There is a really simple way to keep in touch. This next section covers how to build relationships effectively, without breaking your back. Have a think about a positive experience, where someone has taken a genuine interest in your products and services, it makes you feel good doesn’t it, which is what makes this type of networking so effective.

For phone users;

  • Click into the menu tab at the top of your facebook page

  • Scroll down till you get to “pages” click into it

  • At the top of the section it says home, discover and feed

  • Click on feed and all of the pages you have previously liked will appear

  • Scroll down

  • like what you like, leave comments and start making networking fun.

For laptop / desktops

  • Click into the page feed, on the left hand side, this can be found on your homescreen.

  • Repeat as above

This is without a doubt the fastest way to network, with people who you’ve already connected with, it also allows you to network quickly, effectively and you don’t miss out on the things that you genuinely want to see.

Did you know 3 is the magic number, 3 comments on 3 posts with 3 words or more, this generates a newsfeed post on the commenter’s news feed, meaning that all of their friends can now see your business, who wouldn’t want that sort of coverage and exposure? I use a variety of methods to achieve this.

  • Morning network post, either my own or contributing to someone else’s.

  • evening networking post, same as above.

  • Comment buddies

  • Regular and established networking events

  • Posting regularly to your own wall, makes it easier for others to interact.

It is worth noting that not everyone will like your page, you have to remember that not everyone is genuine, sometimes people are just having a bad day, they don’t like what you’re sharing so they hide you, some people don’t want to actively network, they hide you because suddenly their news feed is rammed with crafts they have no interest in. However, it’s the opposite people you need to focus on, the ones who, at that time, want to give you their attention. Focusing on the people behind the likes is still one of your best marketing tools. If you follow these simple strategies your ‘like’ counter will go up. You must take into account that behind every new like, is a person, that person is taking time out to be on your page, if they leave a comment or 3 your job is to build on those words, they’ve engaged with you, engage back, if there is an opening for a conversation, however small or seemingly random, grasp that line, make as much as you can out of it! Remember that you are also a person, not just a business so don’t be the pushy salesperson, or the person who can’t type a thank you back whilst including their name, It takes no time at all to be welcoming and grateful for their presence, start conversations from others comments and for goodness sake avoid text speak, it’s never OK to use in a business setting, never!

All of the above tips are based on mine and other networkers actions, and I tell you now, this is what will get you remembered!!

I recently placed an order via a facebook business, the product was unique and jumped out at me, the price was good too and I had the funds to treat myself, so I did. I sent a message detailing where I had found the page, as from a business owners view, it’s helpful to see where your leads are coming from and I placed my order. I felt that I was just one of a number of tasks this particular crafter had at that time, my order wasn’t a priority. If you don’t have the time to answer customers and give them your full attention, let them know a time that you can commit to them, instead of rushing them through and inevitably making mistakes, people don’t mind waiting if you keep them informed and if they do mind, then they are probably the wrong customer for you. In my case I won’t be back to reorder and I won’t recommend, therefore that is 2 potential advertising tools that have been cut off, because someone rushed and most certainly didn’t pay attention.


Now imagine seeing something you absolutely love in a shop window, you go in but the shopkeeper is rude or pays little to no interest in you,maybe they are too interested in filing their nails, or chatting with a friend on the phone, or maybe they are just plain rude! The point is that nobody wants to be served by that person. The shop down the road has a very similar product so you go there instead, this shopkeeper strives to give you the best experience they possibly can, they are courteous and bend over backwards to make you feel special, which shop would you use next time? Which one would you recommend to friends and family? This is no different to your online platforms, in some way’s it’s easier to provide a great service as you are in control of when you are online and available to your customers, plus you don’t need to dress for the occasion.

In summary, be yourself (unless you can be a Unicorn, then be a Unicorn) don’t rush, prioritise your work load and give your fan base and eventual customers a pleasant experience, which they will remember. You will get orders, keep your customers updated through every step of the way, your order stops when it’s with the customer, not with the post office, ask for reviews, pop in a handwritten note with your orders, make yourself stand out and own that order, from start to finish. If you don’t have time to do something properly, come back and do it when you do have time. Don’t forget to be you, have fun and help others, people can see if you’re genuine or not. Know your products, know your pricing and rest if you’re getting overwhelmed, setting realistic goals will help you to succeed and if you need more than one browser open, open another and most importantly have some fun.

Don’t make time promises that you can’t keep, or promise something that is more than you are capable of achieving, that is a guaranteed way of setting yourself up for failure.

We hope that this post has been of help and welcome feedback in the comments , which can be found a little further down.