Avoiding Facebook Jail

As promised and following on from my previous blog “Business networking, the do’s and don’ts for success”. I’m kicking off the spin offs with, avoiding the trauma and the plain old hassle of facebook jail.

As I’ve managed to avoid this trauma I’d like to pass on a couple of pointers, to help you avoid this too….



Networking is a difficult balance, how much is enough? and how much is too much?  By following some simple guidelines, you can avoid getting yourself into hot water, with the facebook police.

  • Limit your time between posts.
  • Don’t post the same content over and over
  • Don’t spam

Try and leave a minute or 2 between posting and don’t regularly exceed posting, 3 times in 5 minutes. This is because facebook will mark your page up as producing spam, you’re far less likely to be noticed if you keep to these rules.

Posting the same link over and over on a multitude of sites, is a massive red flag, that will get you a ban in a flash. Try and keep your content original, post the same link by all means, just pace yourself leaving a minute or 2 between posts.

Also worth noting in this section, when you’re networking, leave your link on the original networking post, sending pages a message saying you’ve liked them with your link, will likely get you marked as spam. Personally for me this is my pet hate, the inbox for a page should be for business only, not direct marketing. If you are networking effectively people will find your page and as I said in my last blog, no one want’s the pushy sales person.

“You are connecting with people, not collecting them”

Never ever ever use a business name for a personal profile. Facebook allows you to have multiple business pages, but only one personal account, make sure to keep them separate, facebook won’t hesitate to remove your profile on a  PERMANENT basis if you break this one.

Here are a few more flags to avoid.

  • Don’t send friend requests to people you aren’t connected to.
  • Don’t try and message your entire following, with your latest deals/giveaways
  • Do watch out for any unnecessary comments on all social media sites, you can delete, report and block, if you feel the comments are unjustified or that sabotage is at play.

It can be a minefield staying within the rules, but once you’ve mastered these tips, you’re well on your way to hassle free networking.

If you have any questions, please feel free to jot them down in the comments. We hope that this mini blog has been helpful.





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