My crystal journey

I have always been fascinated by all things mystical, as a small child I vaguely recall conversations of healing and crystals and felt very drawn to the stones, it wasn’t until recently that I found my spiritual calling. I was browsing through facebook one day and came across a post about trees, I was drawn to the willow tree. I have some wonderful childhood memories associated with the willow, and it turns out the original poster also has an affiliation with the willow tree, although her memories weren’t from this lifetime. I later spoke to my mum and asked her about the willow tree from our old family home… There wasn’t a willow in the garden, this was a past life memory of my own. After a little more digging around I discovered that the females on my mums side of the family, have a lengthy history in the crafts, this is when I realised that I had been passed the gift of healing and things started to click into place for me.


It’s been a roller coaster of a ride since then, my own crystal collection started to grow and as I started to take it more and more seriously I noticed some small changes, going out was becoming easier, my social anxiety was being kept at bay, I had more energy and focus, my ideas were just rolling in and for the first time in a long time life was absolutely fantastic. My partner gifted me a piece of her late Grandfathers Tigers Eye and as I sat and played about with it, I asked it to help me with my artwork. I’d remembered I could draw as a child, but I had a block, I didn’t know why, all I knew is that I wanted to draw more than stickmen, after almost 20 years I picked up my pad and pencils and this is what happened.


If I had any doubt’s about spirituality and crystals they were blown completely out of the water with this piece, my artwork has continued to improve as I’ve practised and I’m now drawing at a professional level, it was a massive leap for me to take and I’m so grateful for the opportunity, I’ve found there are many opportunities out there if you’re looking. As a gifted healer it felt natural to explore the wonders of Reiki which I absolutely love, not long after my first attunements I had a massive panic attack whilst waiting for my partner, I couldn’t drive the short drive home, I was frozen I couldn’t breath and there was no logical reason to this attack, it was only later that evening once I’d meditated and calmed down, that I realised I had left one of my bracelets at home, it wasn’t the first time I’d come unstuck by forgetting this particular stone, I mainly used it to keep myself healthy, having had a severe chest infection earlier in the year. What I didn’t realise, was that this particular stone also blocked other peoples energy, what I had experienced was a fully blown empathic panic attack courtesy of the lady in the flat I was parked outside. This episode taught me the importance of my stones, it also taught me in a very literal way how to identify when the emotions I was experiencing weren’t my own. Since then I have found an even deeper connection with my crystals, I have progressed in my reiki journey and I’m all booked in for my Master course early next year, in addition, I’m training in hypnotherapy and life coaching. Crystals for me have changed my life in a way I never thought possible and now I’m teaching others how they can benefit from these gifts from Mother earth.


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