The story of Sister Rea

You’ll remember from my previous blog that my journey started with trees, it was Rea who posted this and since then we have become great friends, we have discovered that we were related in a past life, possibly several past lives as our connection is incredible, even with the distance between us geographically, we are able to sense one another and I like to play tricks with crystal energy…. I was definitely the annoying younger sibling hehehehe, so here is my “big sister’s” story!
I started incorporating crystals into my business related craft work pretty much straight away. At the time it was just simply because I thought they were pretty, but after doing some research, I discovered the amazing benefits working with crystals can have, and I started focusing on matching crystals to what I needed rather than just what was pretty.
Doing that made me find the beauty in all crystals, not just my favourite coloured ones. Lately I have found that the crystals I become more attracted to, more times than not turn out to be the crystals I need.
I went through a stage where I needed to love myself more, I remember saying the words “I don’t really like myself much”, and I found myself drawn to Rose Quartz. I thought it was the most beautiful stone, and wore it everyday on my jewellery, without knowing at the time that Rose Quartz happened to be the crystal I needed to learn to love myself. With its powerful all around heart  healing properties, Rose Quartz taught me self love.
I now choose my crystals based on two things; which crystal seems to ‘call to me’, and what the crystal(s) signify. I always think you should choose what you’re drawn to, but if you want something very specific, learning their meanings and healing properties can be a great help.
I have always loved Amethyst – although I’m not sure if I’m just being biased because purple is my favourite colour. Out of all crystals, I think Amethyst will always serve a purpose with me, as it’s a great mind healer. In my opinion, it’s just as powerful and helpful as Quartz, an all around great stone to have around you, especially if you’re a spiritual person.

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