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Spiritual Grounding

When I first started on my spiritual journey it was a little daunting, I wasn’t sure where to start and then I was told to ground myself… The only grounding I’d ever experienced was being grounded as a child or grounding my own children! Grounding in a spiritual sense is the process of connecting your energy to that of the earth and the universe.


How do I know if I’m grounded? 

When I’m grounded I feel like i’m in line, everything within me is connected. My mind is clear and focused, I’m able to make decisions quickly, logically and with a clarity that leaves no room for doubt in my mind, I have purpose.

The practice of grounding can be very different for each person, there is no right or wrong way to achieve this state, inevitably your technique will change as you grow in confidence. Here are a few ideas to get you on your way.

Grounding is ultimately being connected to the universal energy as well as connecting with Mother earth. Personally I  imagine myself sitting under a tree and looking up through the branches, seeing the sunlight filtering through the leaves, I then bring that light down to my crown chakra and place myself in a bubble of light. Once I’m in my safe place, I move the light through my body until it reaches my feet, finally I imagine that my feet have roots which connect deep down in the earth’s core. Focusing on your breathing also helps, breathing in healing love, light and peace, exhaling all that no longer serves me, I can feel the energy changes within, it’s a beautiful feeling and as it is so natural, your body is likely to do that deep breathing automatically.

My partner grounds in a completely different way to me…..

“How I ground myself.

As I relax, I focus on my breathing, feeling the air flow in and out of my lungs. I focus on a mental image of myself walking into the centre of a large meadow surrounded by trees. As the sun shines it’s warm rays of energy down onto me, I visualise roots growing deep into the earth from the soles of my feet, spreading far and wide. As I feel the earth’s energy flow up through my roots and into my body, I see myself stand taller and spread my arms out to form branches, as my body takes on the form of a tree, I feel my energy manifest into more and more branches, each one dense with vibrant green leaves. Like a tree absorbing sunlight, my leaves reach out to the universal energy. As my leaves connect with that energy I feel it course through my body, aligning the earth, my self and the universe as one solid flow of energy and surrounding me with warmth and love. When I feel like I can relax no further, I allow myself to come back to the present, all the while maintaining the image of myself as a tree, bringing the deeply grounded feeling into my conscious state.”

As you can see both of our techniques are very different, yet both achieve the same goal, there really is no right or wrong way to ground yourself, as long as the intent is there and you know what you’re trying to achieve, that’s the main thing.

Now you know some of the advantages to being grounded, here is what being un-grounded feels like and the grounded comparison

  • Negative / Positive
  • Sluggish / Energized
  • Unmotivated / Motivated
  • Anger / Peace
  • Frustration / Understanding
  • Tiredness / Energy
  • Impatient / Patient
  • Mental blocks  / Inspiration
  • Brain fog / Clarity
  • Depression in the long run / Inner peace



There are also an abundance of crystals to help you with your journey, I personally love Himalayan salt rocks for this purpose, along with black crystals, such as Tourmaline, Obsidian, Hematite, Nuumite and the list goes on… If you are interested in crystals to aid your experience, simply hold them in your hand, keep them near to you, wear them in jewellery, meditate with them, place them on your chakras…. I’ll cover this topic in much more detail in future posts.

And if all else fails…. Hug a tree.




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