Polymer Clay Rose Tutorial

In this tutorial I will show you how to create a simple polymer clay rose. I have used blue, but had red rolled out to start with, so excuse the colour change within the photographs below.If you’re concerned about leaving finger prints on your work, a slight dusting of cornflour will eliminate this. I slice my roses diagonally after making them, as they often go onto journal covers.


Step 1: Chose your colour and gather your tools, you will need;

Polymer clay, a rolling pin / pasta machine, scalpel, a piece of paper (optional) and a pen.


Step 2: Draw a rough outline of a rose petal, for those who are more confident you can skip this step and step 4.


Step 3: Roll out your clay so it is one even flat sheet, I use setting 1 on my pasta machine.


Step 4: Mark your rose petals into the clay, I made 6 large and 3 small for the centre, you can do them all the same size or mix it up a little like I did. If you’re more confident, you can skip this step and just cut the petals out with no extra lines, if you’re not as confident, simply place your paper over the clay and trace round your image into the clay, repeat till you have enough…


Step 5: Carefully take your scalpel and cut around the lines you have drawn onto the clay, set your petals to one side.


Step 6: Roll a small sausage and place in the centre of one of your petals, this is to create the central part of your rose.


Step 7: Roll you petal around the sausage, so that it looks like the following 2 photographs. Pinching the clay together as shown in the above image can make this easier to start with.


Step 8: Take another petal and wrap it around the centre, place this one a little higher up on the rose, this will give it depth as the design starts to come together.


Your rose should now look like this


You can fan the clay out to give the petals shape now.


Step 9: Add another petal and do the same as step 8.


Step 9: Not the neatest rose, but it doesn’t matter as this is about to be covered. Place a petal on your growing design and then place another one on the other side, so one on the front and one on the back, see next image to see what I mean.


Step 10: Fold the first petal into the centre (can be the front or the back one, whichever you get to first) you are giving the rose shape now, so don’t fold it flat into the centre section, then wrap the other side round in the same way.


Step 11: Take your final petals and wrap them around the edge of the rose, make sure that these are higher up, so that you have room to pinch the petals together. giving it more shape and definition.


Your final piece will look something like this.  You can add mica powder or eye shadows to the edges of the rose to give it more definition, do this prior to baking.

Pop into the oven and follow the baking instructions on the packet of the clay 🙂



I made the rose for this journal using the above technique, as you can see it’s slightly neater than this one, but I wasn’t taking photo’s for each step, so it made it ever so slightly easier 😉