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What are Etsy teams?

In my previous blog Etsy Success I touched on teams and some of the best Facebook pages to use for promoting your Etsy store, this article is more Etsy based.

So what exactly is an Etsy team? Etsy teams are the equivalent to Facebook groups, they are an ideal platform to market your Etsy store from.


Where do I find teams? On the computer go to “You”, in the drop down menu you can find your teams. On the mobile app, tap into the 3 lines on your dashboard, teams are in here.  I recommend having a good look around using your computer first, as it’s easier to navigate. First things first you’ll need some teams to join! When I’m looking for teams, I look for groups that are very active, if there are hours and days between posts, then it’s not the team for me, I look at the number of members in the team, chances are if there are 10,000 members it’ll be a fast paced team with lots of activities to take part in. Finding teams isn’t always easy, so I look in the Etsy forums and I also ask people for their recommendations. Here is a list of some of the teams I’ve recently joined.

  • The Crazy Advertisers Team
  • ART
  • Daily Etsy Sales
  • Shameless Advertising
  • ACE
  • Happy Etsy Sellers
  • Promote
  • Promote Promote Promote
  • Do Another Thing (DAT) Team
  • Affiliate Marketing Team
  • Etsy UK.

*** Worth noting, you don’t need the spaces when searching for these teams, for example; Daily Etsy Sales will be DailyEtsySales


Now you’ve applied to some teams and have a starting base to work from, here are a couple of pointers to make things even easier. If you take a look down the left hand side of your screen you’ll see “Your threads”, click into this to view all of the threads you’ve posted in, if you’re taking part in a thread that requires you to return later in the day, you have the function to mark that thread, this is the equivalent of Facebook’s save post function, it’s like a bookmark, it will place these posts in a separate list, simply click into “Marked Threads” to access these posts quickly.

Etsy threads are backwards, quite literally! The newest posts come at the end of the thread, if you post your link you will be taken to the last page, then you can work back from there, it doesn’t take too long to get used to this.

There are 10 links to a page, so if you’re taking part in an activity that requires you to leave 20 hearts, that’s 2 full pages, don’t panic though, 20 is like leaving 2 comments on Facebook in terms of time taken to complete.

There are many different games and activities available for you to participate in, some require short and long links…

Long link;

Short link;

The difference between the 2 is straightforward enough, the long link will bring up a pretty photographic attachment  and you can favourite (leave a heart) quickly without leaving the thread page. Short links require you to open another window to view the item, this increases your shops views as well as the amount of favourites, each post will specify what type of link you need to leave, so pay close attention to the wording in the original post.

There’s a post that says ‘favourite 10 shops above you’ but all the comments just say ‘done’. All you need to do here is click to the last page in the thread, have a look at the person above you, you will see their name and business name, this is all next to their photo/icon so for me it will have my logo, Nicky Collins and MysticalForest UK, click into the business name and favourite the shop, go back on your browser and continue up the list till you have visited 10 shops, then leave your “done” comment for the next 10 visitors to leave their love for you.


Most of all, have fun experimenting and finding what works for you and your business, everyone is different, with different niches and experiences, there is no right or wrong way to network as long as you’re active, keep your products in public view and follow the thread/team rules, the sales will roll in, having a well set up store is essential to your ongoing success and you can read more on that Here.


If there is anything you’d like to know that I haven’t covered please leave me a comment.

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Etsy Success

Following on from my Etsy start up blog Here, I have been working on a way to increase my shops traffic, the results for me have been staggering. Increasing from 35 sales in the first 6 months to 45 in ONE month, it’s now time for me to show you in simple terms how you can achieve results that boost your business and your sales.


In my last blog I touched on the importance of filling out your profile, this helps to strengthen your brand, I know if I’m going to spend big money with someone, I’ll check out their profile, I’ll look at the reviews and I’ll look at how everything is presented in the shop, these are crucial to starting and maintaining a successful Etsy business, it also differentiates the serious shop owners from the not so serious ones.

The first place to focus on is your listing titles, the first 3 words in an item’s title have the most pull, so you’ll need to place the most searchable words at the front of your titles, for example… “Beautiful unique rainbow coloured sparkly Moonstone crystal” will produce zero traffic, but “Rainbow moonstone tumble stone” is more effective and relevant to potential searches on both Etsy and Google.

Keywords and Search Engine Optimization (SEO); When someone searches on Etsy, the system scans your titles and tags for matches. Imagine what buyers would search for to find your items and use those words to title and tag your items. If you’re stuck try brainstorming what you would search for, if you go to Etsy’s search bar and key in what you’re selling it will come up with a list, showing you what buyers are searching for, these results can produce strong keys words for your listings… So for my Moonstone, I’ll have Moonstone, Metaphysical, Rainbow Crystal and so on… Be smart with your listing titles and tags, it’s well worth spending time tweaking and researching what others are using.


Now you’ve followed the advice from my previous Etsy article and have made some changes if needed to your shop, you need to network. Networking is the best way to gain exposure for your page and is crucial in your ongoing success, there are a variety of ways to network effectively, here are some suggestions.

  • Use Etsy teams to build a rapport with other sellers. Etsy teams are very much the same as Facebook groups, they can be good they can be useless, it’s finding the teams that are active, who network on a daily basis in high numbers, who will support and encourage your growth and is relevant to your business, for example applying to a devout Christian team with a Pagan store probably won’t get you very far.
  • Facebook groups specific to Etsy, by joining in on some of the daily ladders you will see a big increase in your shops statistics, here are a couple of links to pages that have been invaluable to me. Etsy Uk Sellers Etsy ArtisansEtsy Buyers & Sellers.

Etsy networking is so much faster than Facebook, if you have a list of 100 links on Facebook you’ll be there for hours, if not days, on Etsy it will take you around 10-20 minutes, depending on how distracted you get by shiny things… The point being don’t worry about high figures, it’s fast but in a friendly way, it’s also easier to navigate.

Remember to make your product photography clear, with uncluttered backgrounds and relevant to your product, Etsy recommend using all 5 photo slots, the more engaging the photo, the more clicks it may receive. This can lead to performing better in Etsy Search and therefore increase your potential for sales.

I hope that this article has been helpful and if you’d like an expert to check your page over, Etsy offers to critique your shop for free and will make suggestions for you to improve your store – You can e-mail them here.





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Spiritual Grounding

When I first started on my spiritual journey it was a little daunting, I wasn’t sure where to start and then I was told to ground myself… The only grounding I’d ever experienced was being grounded as a child or grounding my own children! Grounding in a spiritual sense is the process of connecting your energy to that of the earth and the universe.


How do I know if I’m grounded? 

When I’m grounded I feel like i’m in line, everything within me is connected. My mind is clear and focused, I’m able to make decisions quickly, logically and with a clarity that leaves no room for doubt in my mind, I have purpose.

The practice of grounding can be very different for each person, there is no right or wrong way to achieve this state, inevitably your technique will change as you grow in confidence. Here are a few ideas to get you on your way.

Grounding is ultimately being connected to the universal energy as well as connecting with Mother earth. Personally I  imagine myself sitting under a tree and looking up through the branches, seeing the sunlight filtering through the leaves, I then bring that light down to my crown chakra and place myself in a bubble of light. Once I’m in my safe place, I move the light through my body until it reaches my feet, finally I imagine that my feet have roots which connect deep down in the earth’s core. Focusing on your breathing also helps, breathing in healing love, light and peace, exhaling all that no longer serves me, I can feel the energy changes within, it’s a beautiful feeling and as it is so natural, your body is likely to do that deep breathing automatically.

My partner grounds in a completely different way to me…..

“How I ground myself.

As I relax, I focus on my breathing, feeling the air flow in and out of my lungs. I focus on a mental image of myself walking into the centre of a large meadow surrounded by trees. As the sun shines it’s warm rays of energy down onto me, I visualise roots growing deep into the earth from the soles of my feet, spreading far and wide. As I feel the earth’s energy flow up through my roots and into my body, I see myself stand taller and spread my arms out to form branches, as my body takes on the form of a tree, I feel my energy manifest into more and more branches, each one dense with vibrant green leaves. Like a tree absorbing sunlight, my leaves reach out to the universal energy. As my leaves connect with that energy I feel it course through my body, aligning the earth, my self and the universe as one solid flow of energy and surrounding me with warmth and love. When I feel like I can relax no further, I allow myself to come back to the present, all the while maintaining the image of myself as a tree, bringing the deeply grounded feeling into my conscious state.”

As you can see both of our techniques are very different, yet both achieve the same goal, there really is no right or wrong way to ground yourself, as long as the intent is there and you know what you’re trying to achieve, that’s the main thing.

Now you know some of the advantages to being grounded, here is what being un-grounded feels like and the grounded comparison

  • Negative / Positive
  • Sluggish / Energized
  • Unmotivated / Motivated
  • Anger / Peace
  • Frustration / Understanding
  • Tiredness / Energy
  • Impatient / Patient
  • Mental blocks  / Inspiration
  • Brain fog / Clarity
  • Depression in the long run / Inner peace



There are also an abundance of crystals to help you with your journey, I personally love Himalayan salt rocks for this purpose, along with black crystals, such as Tourmaline, Obsidian, Hematite, Nuumite and the list goes on… If you are interested in crystals to aid your experience, simply hold them in your hand, keep them near to you, wear them in jewellery, meditate with them, place them on your chakras…. I’ll cover this topic in much more detail in future posts.

And if all else fails…. Hug a tree.




The story of Sister Rea

You’ll remember from my previous blog that my journey started with trees, it was Rea who posted this and since then we have become great friends, we have discovered that we were related in a past life, possibly several past lives as our connection is incredible, even with the distance between us geographically, we are able to sense one another and I like to play tricks with crystal energy…. I was definitely the annoying younger sibling hehehehe, so here is my “big sister’s” story!
I started incorporating crystals into my business related craft work pretty much straight away. At the time it was just simply because I thought they were pretty, but after doing some research, I discovered the amazing benefits working with crystals can have, and I started focusing on matching crystals to what I needed rather than just what was pretty.
Doing that made me find the beauty in all crystals, not just my favourite coloured ones. Lately I have found that the crystals I become more attracted to, more times than not turn out to be the crystals I need.
I went through a stage where I needed to love myself more, I remember saying the words “I don’t really like myself much”, and I found myself drawn to Rose Quartz. I thought it was the most beautiful stone, and wore it everyday on my jewellery, without knowing at the time that Rose Quartz happened to be the crystal I needed to learn to love myself. With its powerful all around heart  healing properties, Rose Quartz taught me self love.
I now choose my crystals based on two things; which crystal seems to ‘call to me’, and what the crystal(s) signify. I always think you should choose what you’re drawn to, but if you want something very specific, learning their meanings and healing properties can be a great help.
I have always loved Amethyst – although I’m not sure if I’m just being biased because purple is my favourite colour. Out of all crystals, I think Amethyst will always serve a purpose with me, as it’s a great mind healer. In my opinion, it’s just as powerful and helpful as Quartz, an all around great stone to have around you, especially if you’re a spiritual person.

Picking up the pieces from a parents suicide

On May the 11th 2012 a knock on the door would change my life forever. It was the British transport police, their job was to inform me of my Dad’s death, after learning that my father had the night before laid on the train tracks and waited for the oncoming freight train to take his life, I thanked the police and excused myself from the room. Although the inquest closed on an open verdict the impact of his death left a gaping hole and only those who had lost someone in this way understood what I was going through.


I realised that there wasn’t much support out there, online resources were mostly American based, Support groups were just that – groups with actual people (A brilliant resource for some people, but I could think of nothing worse), bereavement counselling wasn’t really geared up to meet my needs and almost everyone in my immediate circle felt like I should get a grip and move on with my life… I couldn’t, I needed to go through a process, I wanted to reach out to others so that his death wasn’t in vain, if one person could be “saved” then his death had something to show for, but first I needed to work on me, my issues and how to live my life without being dragged down by guilt and grief.

For the next 4 years I was wrapped up in a cycle of grief and self destruction, alcohol abuse fueled me and not a lot inspired me. I was broken and it took a hell of a lot more breaking to make me to open my eyes and see what was around me. After the break up of a long term relationship, followed by a relationship with an un-medicated schizophrenic narcissist, I reached my absolute bottom, the only way from there for me was UP or OUT, I tried to get out and was close to succeeding, it was a wake up call I needed and is no longer an option for me.

Between 2012 and early 2015 my life was a blur, my grief closed me down, making me appear selfish and self centred when in reality I needed time and support to heal. 2015 held my turning point, I met someone who taught me who I was, how my anxiety and depression was triggered, she taught me what wasn’t OK, inadvertently this self destructive character taught me how to use my empathy to the max, but that journey started with ME. 

Late 2015 was to be my actual turning point, I had met my now partner earlier in the year and we had become very good friends, she was someone I trusted fully and for some reason she supported me through everything and trust me when I say, it would have been easier to turn and walk away. 2016 has been clearing the way for where I am today, I had a complete de-clutter, I removed all negative draining influences from my life, whether it was online or in person, the type of people who do nothing but drain you… Gone, deleted… The result was worth it and I hold no guilt on focusing on ME.


My breakthrough came this year, I was already in a great place, I was clear and my focus was returning with a vengeance, then I read an article that asked “Fast forward 10 years, now look back, what have you achieved?” It struck me that I wasn’t really going anywhere, I didn’t want the norm, I didn’t want to be average, I wanted to inspire, create, love and ultimately I wanted to help people! Knowing what I wanted made it easier to choose a path to follow, I’m not one to follow the masses so my path is one I’ve created with the love and guidance of my partner, we have both embarked on an incredible journey, together. Having someone to rationalize my thoughts and allow me to spread my wings has been invaluable to me.

One of the best pieces of advice I was given came from a very good friend, who has sadly passed away from cancer since, she told me that there would be days that I’d be fine and suddenly burst into tears for seemingly no reason, she told me to go with it and not to suppress the emotion, I still have day’s like that now, although they are rare and in those moments I’m never alone, either my Dad is by my side or one of the countless guides I am fortunate enough to be surrounded by.

It’s taken me a long time to get to a place I’m happy with, in 2012 I cycled the length of the UK in his memory and raised in excess of £2000 with the help of friends, I’ve done other long distance rides for both myself and the experience and to raise funds and awareness surrounding depression, especially important to me is getting our men talking about mental health, rather than displaying the stereotypical “hard man” act, depression is a treatable illness.

Suicide statistics for men are twice the rate of women’s, women reach out and talk, men need to learn that this is an option for them too.

In the early days my Dad made his presence very well known, he tucked the cats into their blankets, he placed my son’s medicine spoons in the same place everyday, he moved things I didn’t want moving, he would comfort me. It was strange as he’d never believed in anything remotely spiritual in life, now he had passed I saw more of him than ever. I re-call coming home from the school run one day and I was crying on my sons bed, I felt a hand on my shoulder and the shock snapped me out of it. Another time I thought someone had broken into our flat as there was a torch being flashed about in the kitchen of our upstairs flat, of course there was nothing there when we cautiously walked in.

I’ve found my light, I’ve found my courage and I’ve found my OOMPH, I still miss my dad, we had a funny relationship but I was always Daddy’s little girl, his little princess and both of us would have moved the world if we thought it would have helped the other, but I’ve learnt to live again, I’ve finally learnt the lesson from this horrific life event and I am now in a position to help others, there’s nothing that will quench that fire.


If you feel in need of immediate help please contact your local mental health team, other available resources include…. or



My crystal journey

I have always been fascinated by all things mystical, as a small child I vaguely recall conversations of healing and crystals and felt very drawn to the stones, it wasn’t until recently that I found my spiritual calling. I was browsing through facebook one day and came across a post about trees, I was drawn to the willow tree. I have some wonderful childhood memories associated with the willow, and it turns out the original poster also has an affiliation with the willow tree, although her memories weren’t from this lifetime. I later spoke to my mum and asked her about the willow tree from our old family home… There wasn’t a willow in the garden, this was a past life memory of my own. After a little more digging around I discovered that the females on my mums side of the family, have a lengthy history in the crafts, this is when I realised that I had been passed the gift of healing and things started to click into place for me.


It’s been a roller coaster of a ride since then, my own crystal collection started to grow and as I started to take it more and more seriously I noticed some small changes, going out was becoming easier, my social anxiety was being kept at bay, I had more energy and focus, my ideas were just rolling in and for the first time in a long time life was absolutely fantastic. My partner gifted me a piece of her late Grandfathers Tigers Eye and as I sat and played about with it, I asked it to help me with my artwork. I’d remembered I could draw as a child, but I had a block, I didn’t know why, all I knew is that I wanted to draw more than stickmen, after almost 20 years I picked up my pad and pencils and this is what happened.


If I had any doubt’s about spirituality and crystals they were blown completely out of the water with this piece, my artwork has continued to improve as I’ve practised and I’m now drawing at a professional level, it was a massive leap for me to take and I’m so grateful for the opportunity, I’ve found there are many opportunities out there if you’re looking. As a gifted healer it felt natural to explore the wonders of Reiki which I absolutely love, not long after my first attunements I had a massive panic attack whilst waiting for my partner, I couldn’t drive the short drive home, I was frozen I couldn’t breath and there was no logical reason to this attack, it was only later that evening once I’d meditated and calmed down, that I realised I had left one of my bracelets at home, it wasn’t the first time I’d come unstuck by forgetting this particular stone, I mainly used it to keep myself healthy, having had a severe chest infection earlier in the year. What I didn’t realise, was that this particular stone also blocked other peoples energy, what I had experienced was a fully blown empathic panic attack courtesy of the lady in the flat I was parked outside. This episode taught me the importance of my stones, it also taught me in a very literal way how to identify when the emotions I was experiencing weren’t my own. Since then I have found an even deeper connection with my crystals, I have progressed in my reiki journey and I’m all booked in for my Master course early next year, in addition, I’m training in hypnotherapy and life coaching. Crystals for me have changed my life in a way I never thought possible and now I’m teaching others how they can benefit from these gifts from Mother earth.


Gemstones and Their Uses

Fantastic collection of stones, a very informative post.

Boho Soul Creations

Before you choose what kind of gemstones you would like on your bespoke jewellery piece, it may be helpful for you to know some of the stones I currently stock, what they look like, and what their uses are. (Images in this post are not my own). If you have any other gemstone suggestions you would like me to stock, feel free to get in contact.

Rose Quartz
rose quartz - blog

Colour: Pink
Primary Chakra: Heart Chakra
Astrological Sign: Libra, Taurus
Rarity: Common

“Rose Quartz is the stone of unconditional love. One of the most important stones for Heart Chakra work, Rose Quartz opens the heart to all types of love – love of self, love of family, love of friends, romantic love. Because it is a type of quartz, Rose Quartz does have a high energy, but its vibe is also calming and soothing.

The soothing energy of…

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